Goat Milk and Lavender Soap: Satyr’s Frolic



We make Satyr’s Frolic soap with fresh goat milk not powder. This gives the soap the most chance at nourishing the skin.  Every Greek woman knows that secret to healthy youthful skin is goat’s milk.  Goat milk is an ancient beauty secret dating back to ancient Greece.  Cleopatra bathed in tubs of the stuff.

We added a good dose of wildflower honey from the island of Ikaria for more replenishing power as well as good old oatmeal–a triumvirate of power to restore resilience, softness, and youth to tired dry skin.  The wisps of lavender always scent nicely. This bar is so soft it practically melts into your skin!  It is recommended that you leave it on a dry soap dish for maximum staying power.  Don’t forget–it’s soap! Don’t eat it!

You’ll be so happy you used it that you will be skipping for joy like a satyr on a hill.

4 ounce approximately each bar. Free shipping in the continental US


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